Santa Ana missing women: 1 woman Andrea Palma-Thomas found; not linked to 3 others |

andrea palma-thomas

SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) — One of four missing women in Santa Ana has been found, but the search continues for the three other women.

Andrea Nichole Palma-Thomas was located in Anaheim Hills on Tuesday. She was taken into custody for outstanding warrants, police said.

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One Response to Santa Ana missing women: 1 woman Andrea Palma-Thomas found; not linked to 3 others |

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Too deep a conversation to get into at the moment. When missing persons include the rank-and-file of prostitution, taxpayer dollars will be utilized to investigate and find the missing person. Being that the initial contact of missing persons that are prostitutes involve a criminal act of prostitution, common sense says to get rid of the prostitutes. In liberal areas where this is not the case, missing persons reports continue to be generated each year, for a problem that could be either eliminated or reduced. Municipal leadership is comprised of a bunch of clowns, then crimes that orbit prostitution, such as narcotics sales and possession, burglary, stolen motor vehicles, assaults, homicide, kidnap, rape, theft, all of it, will continue due to gross stupidity. It also diminishes the priority that should be placed on legitimate reports of missing persons, because doubt will be cast, when assigning an investigator and what resources to be utilized to find a missing person. My readers understand who I was, and where I stand though retired. Do you understand?

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