Coos Bay, OR police still working missing person case

angelo reed

COOS BAY — The case of a missing man is still active, say Coos Bay Police, but they don’t have any new information.

Earlier this month, Angelo “AJ” Reed’s family reported him missing after not hearing from him for a month. The 22-year-old was last seen Feb. 6 when he was released from the Coos County jail in Coquille, said Coos Bay Police Capt. Chris Chapanar.

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3 Responses to Coos Bay, OR police still working missing person case

  1. Lila Jonz says:

    Please correct the tag and re-file accordingly as AJ is still missing from “COOS” not “COORS” Bay.

    • Jim Sethman says:

      Thank you, it’s now updated.

      • Tina Rossback says:

        Thank you. Angelo Reed is still missing since February, 2015. Would you please help Angelo’s case get the attention that he deserves? It’s tragic that this immaculate young (then 22-years-old) gentleman / art school student from Portland, Oregon with an $800,000.00 trust fund at the time he went missing from the Coos Bay / North Bend area of the southern Oregon coast is so downplayed in the media. That Angelo had a future there is no doubt. The 3-year anniversary of his “disappearance” is next month (February, 2018) and now would be a good time to revive his story. Any help you can be and / or any advice you can share is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Tina Rossback, Coos Bay for Angelo Reed.

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