KS – KCPD searching for missing woman, Meshon Cooper | KSHB

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police are seeking the public’s help for a missing local woman.

Meshon Cooper, 43, was last seen Friday in Johnson County, Kansas.

According to her brother, Michael, he received a strange phone call and may have heard an altercation around 3 a.m. at Saturday morning.

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One Response to KS – KCPD searching for missing woman, Meshon Cooper | KSHB

  1. Clinton barnett says:

    Does anyone know when and where the killer made contact with her?

    I sadly stumbled upon this information an hour ago , I believe i saw,this woman on Tuesday night sitting on the sidewalk outside of 7-11 at Linwood near 31st street. She seemed sadly confused about things, she called a Hispanic guy getting gas in front of me brother and asked him for money, she had no good and also needed bus fare to get home. I went back later that night and she was still sitting on the sidewalk, same spot. It was odd, the whole thing felt off. She then called me brother and asked for money , I only wish I would have asked questions..i remember her face and she had an odd pattern of speech, like something was slightly affecting it. I m not insinuating alcohol, it was different. The entire time I kept thinking “why hasn’t she got on the bus”, it was hot ,she’d been there for hours. I thought she was waiting at a bus stop. Later on in the week I looked over to where she had been and realized that it wasn’t a bus stop. I was surprised but figured she made it home , lived close to where she was sitting, something. I now feel heart broken. I’m almost 100 percent positive it was her.

    Im very in my thoughts , my heart goes out to her family . I am so sorry.

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