NC – Man missing for weeks in Lincoln County | WBTV

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) – A Lincoln County man has been missing since Aug. 26.

Deputies say 29-year-old Edward Clifford Garrett never returned home after visiting a friend in western Lincoln County. He was last seen at a home in the 200 block of Highway 274 on Aug. 26.

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One Response to NC – Man missing for weeks in Lincoln County | WBTV

  1. Toni Garrett says:

    This is Jo’s sister I really want to know what happened.. i dont understand why someone would do this unless he was set up by someone i think it’s crazy how that little 6 yr old is dead and everytime i try and look up my brother there shit about him.. shit let the boy rest give it a break yeah we all know he drowned in Ranking Lake how many grown folks die there yall dont keep on bout them hell it’s like yall dont give a fuck when yall find out peoples back ground and where they come from I see where still be talking bout a dead corpse from 1990 damn they must not made no mistakes in life if they dead and still popular.. I want to know where my brother is or I’ll start dealing with it myself n when my demons come out everyone will think I’m in the wrong..

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