NY – Police and family of missing Johnson City man remain hopeful for answers – WBNG

(WBNG) — It has been two years since Chester Labar, a father of four from Johnson City went missing.

“I think that my brother was harmed by someone or maybe it was a possible drug overdose and maybe someone doesn’t want to come forward and say what happened exactly to my brother,” said Labar’s sister, Amanda Cady. “I don’t see it as anything else.”

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2 Responses to NY – Police and family of missing Johnson City man remain hopeful for answers – WBNG

  1. Eric purdy says:

    I can tell you the location of Chester Labar body behind Wall-Mart go to the end of the fence there is a opening with a grey plastic bag tied to it go in turn left on the tree you will see a black plastic bag tied keep walking in that direction till you see a patch of bare leaves under the tree there is a pink heart pillow a blue ball a white bucket and beer cans and a Dr pepper can a broken black fishing pole leans against the tree where he’s buried on the fishing pole is two red Mickey mouse balloons in the tree there is a leather belt on the branch and a plastic tied to the branch nearby the grave is a blue tarp that I was informed was used to cover the grave but was removed so the ground can dry up there is also a grey T-shirt laying on top of the grave put there by the person who buried Chester I can give you the names of who was involved Mark Hollenbeck of Binghamton NY the other two people I will only give their biker names due to my safety Raven Black and Mayhem are their Mc names they are from Binghamton NY 100 Roberts Street they threatened me if I gave their real names. They are with La Familia Mc

  2. Tracie Brainard says:

    I would like to remain anonymous but I know who murdered Chester Chet Labar in October 2 2016 in Johnson City NY my ex boyfriend at the time Mark Hollenbeck of Binghamton NY his now biker girlfriend Valerie Travis of 100 Roberts Is Binghamton NY and Jackson Nethanial Slater of 100 Roberts Street Binghamton he was shot with a black 9mm handgun unregistered owned by Mark Hollenbeckwho fired the shot unknown I overheard members of La Familia Mc talking about the hit job on Chester Labar in 2016 they were bragging that law enforcement will never catch them or take their mc down the I over heard the conversation yesterday at approximately 11:30 am at Jodie’s Dinner where they were eating I recognized one of the members his biker name is spider of La Familia Mc.

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