Artists age faces of missing children to keep searches alive | WNCN

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WNCN) – The moment the world stops for a parent is when their child goes missing.

The numbers concerning missing children are staggering, as the FBI reports nearly 470,000 children went missing in 2014.

In North Carolina, at least 151 children are missing and 18 of those are missing from the WNCN viewing area.

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New software could help solve missing children cases

Clearwater, FL — Wednesday was Florida Missing Children’s Day, a day set aside to raise awareness for the more than 300 young people who have disappeared without a trace in the state of Florida.

In many cases, investigators share pictures of what they think those missing children might look like today – even decades after their disappearance.

Experts urge the missing children’s families never to give up hope, since improving technology may provide a break in the case — even many years later.

At a ceremony in Tallahassee, family members of Zach Bernhardt stood alongside detectives from the Clearwater Police Department.

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Benton County, AR Sheriff’s Office Assigns Task Force To 8-Year-Old Missing Child Case of April Andrews |

april andrews

BENTONVILLE (KFSM)- The Benton County Sheriff’s Office has assigned a special task force to the eight-year-old April Andrews missing person’s case.

Sheriff Kelley Cradduck formed the task force hoping it will bring a new perspective and fresh eyes to the case, according to the Sheriff’s Office. The detectives have started from the beginning, examining old reports and re-interviewing witnesses, to find any element that may have been previously missed. They will also be taking innovative approaches to try to solve the case.

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Updated photo of missing Lisa Irwin released – KCTV5

lisa irwin

Just two days before the anniversary of her disappearance, an updated photo of missing Lisa Irwin was released Tuesday night.

She was just 10 months old on Oct. 3, 2011, when she was last seen inside her family home. She was known as baby Lisa Irwin, but her first and second birthdays have come and gone and she is now a missing toddler.

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