Missing: Payton Keller | FOX 8 Cleveland

CANTON, Ohio – FOX 8 and Amanda Berry are working together to help find the missing.

Payton Keller is 16.

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Canton police search for missing 17-year-old girl believed to be in Cleveland area | FOX 8 Cleveland

CANTON, Ohio — Canton police are searching for a missing teenager who is believed to be in the Cleveland area.

Brooklyn Moody, 17, has been missing since October 31.

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Missing: Kyra Hitchings | FOX 8 Cleveland

CANTON- Amanda Berry and FOX 8 are working together to help reunite missing loved ones with their families.

Kyra Hitchings, 17, was last seen November 1 in Canton.

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Missing: Holly Phoenix Byrd | FOX 8 Cleveland

CANTON, Ohio — FOX 8 is sharing missing persons segments with the help of Amanda Berry. We hope the segments will help loved ones reunite with their missing family members.

Holly Phoenix Byrd, 17, was last seen March 29 in Canton.

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Teen reported missing in Canton area | cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A 15-year-old girl has been reported missing in Canton.

Zoey Boyd was last seen on Monday, March 19, according to an email from DNea Smith, regional director of the Center for the Search and Investigations of Missing Children.

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Missing teen from Canton found in Denver | 9news.com

DENVER, Colo. – After nearly two weeks of searching, crying and praying, a missing 16-year-old from Canton, Ga., has been found halfway across the country.

According to her older sister, Brooke Olschewske, Mayci was spotted on Interstate 70 in Denver, Colo., where police pulled her over and took her into custody on Thursday, Sept. 14.

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GA – Missing teen’s family grasps to hope, grapples with unknown | 11alive.com

CANTON, Ga. – Last night, Brooke Olschewske had a dream that she was sitting on the bed in her sister, Mayci’s room, listening to 21 Pilots records, laughing and gossiping. But when she woke up, her little sister was still gone.

Her 16-year-old sister, Mayci Olschewske, was last seen filling her 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe’s tank at Murphy’s gas station in Canton, Ga., just off Riverstone Parkway on Thursday, Aug. 31 at 8:30 a.m.—and then darted across the street to empty her bank account, withdrawing all the money she earned the weekend before, refereeing a soccer game, out of an ATM.

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