Does a US child go missing every 90 seconds? – BBC News

A television news channel in Washington DC recently launched a safety awareness campaign using the hashtag #every90seconds, claiming that one child goes missing in the US, on average, every one-and-a-half minutes.

It’s a figure that’s been widely quoted in US media over the past few years, often for the best of reasons, as in this case. It sounds worrying, because you might reasonably assume it refers to kidnappings, or children in real danger.

But where does the 90-second figure come from?

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What’s the difference between an AMBER Alert & a missing child?

SAN ANTONIO – When a child disappears, it is often a frantic time for parents desperate to be reunited with him or her. The question commonly asked: Why hasn’t an AMBER Alert been issued?

The simple answer: not every case meets the criteria.

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