Public often left in the dark about missing persons cases | TMJ4

If you know someone who is missing, you know the pain and anxiety that comes with waking up every day not knowing whether that person is dead or alive.

There are more than 1,000 missing persons cases in Wisconsin, but solving some of these cases may be impossible.

When it comes to missing children, there’s a national database that helps both law enforcement and the public track these kids, but that’s not the case for adults.

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Agencies join forces to reunite missing persons with grieving families |

EDMOND, Okla. – Cynthia Garcia has not been seen or heard from by her family since leaving her Moore home last Friday.

Garcia is just one of the 87,000 people who were reported missing in the United States.

“A lot of these folks have made their own posters and maybe put it up around the neighborhood. But, so many of these cases transcend their local community,” said Christy Penney, a victim services coordinator with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

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News13 Investigates: Missing person databases |

JOHNSONVILLE, SC (WBTW) – Harriett Kelly is a proud mom of four boys.
“I’ve been their mom and I did what I had to do,” she said.

However, her middle son 23-year-old Julius Gamble was the kind of guy she says that would do anything to help.

“He’s just a giving person. He has a big heart. He was just a friendly person,” Kelly mentioned.

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CA – Missing baby Ember’s mother does not want case to go cold

At Jamie Graham’s Anderson home, time has stopped.

Birthdays or holidays aren’t celebrated since the suspicious disappearance of her baby daughter Ember Skye Graham six months ago.

Here, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went with no notice. Her 20th birthday in September was spent around the creeks in Ono. The family hired a diver to search the deep spots for any clues.

By now, Graham has become accustomed to lingering questions about why, after professional search-and-rescue crews and family friends alike combed through the Happy Valley area, she is still searching the ground.

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Missing, but not forgotten |

In a journal, Shannon Marie Hawkins wrote that she was going to the woods behind her home to harm herself. Five years later, neither her family nor the police know what happened to her.

Hawkins, who went missing from her home on July 31, 2010, is one of eight missing people cases originating in St. Johns County that Gene Tolbert, a major crimes unit detective for the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, says are out of the ordinary.

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​On the trail of missing persons – CBS News

When a person goes missing there’s no guarantee that they’ll ever be found. Much depends on the determination of the person who’s pressing the search. Our Cover Story is reported by Susan Spencer of “48 Hours”:

Tampa Bay Times writer Andrew Meacham is in the story-telling business, but one story from his own past haunts him: That of his childhood friend Stewart Fletcher Currin.

They first met in the fifth grade. “He wasn’t gonna be a jock, he wasn’t gonna be a movie star,” said Meacham. “But he could be the smartest kid in the room.”

Fletcher’s early brilliance seemed to promise a bright future. But beginning in the 1980s, his behavior became increasingly strange.

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ID kits a ‘tool’ to help in case of missing child | Daily Chronicle

CHARLESTON – Police need “every tool” they can get when a child is missing, and that means more than a photograph.

That’s why identification kits assembled for Carl Sandburg Elementary School first-grade students also included other items and materials.

Detective Marlon Williams of the Charleston Police Department said it is important for the kits to include such things as video recordings of the students. That not only shows what the children look like but also how they act, he explained.

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