What you can do BEFORE your child goes missing | WPDE

Myrtle Beach, S.C. (WPDE) — As thousands of children go missing each year, parents search for ways to keep their children safe. And technology now makes it easier.

Tuesday looked like picture day at Myrtle Beach Intermediate school, but it’s actually Ident-A-Kid day.

It’s one way parents can prepare for the worst.

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ID kits a ‘tool’ to help in case of missing child | Daily Chronicle

CHARLESTON – Police need “every tool” they can get when a child is missing, and that means more than a photograph.

That’s why identification kits assembled for Carl Sandburg Elementary School first-grade students also included other items and materials.

Detective Marlon Williams of the Charleston Police Department said it is important for the kits to include such things as video recordings of the students. That not only shows what the children look like but also how they act, he explained.

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How Montague police are making it easier to identify a missing child | WWLP.com

MONTAGUE, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: their child gone missing with very little information about their whereabouts. Montague police are offering free child identification kits that allow parents to document their child’s unique features.

Montague Police Chief, Chip Dodge, said, it’s a worthwhile investment. “I few minutes now can save a ton of time later, but also, this is even helpful for minor events. God forbid we have a tragedy where a child is abducted, but even something as small as the annual pumpkin fest that we’ve been doing,” said Chief Dodge.

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Authorities Ask Family of Missing Persons for DNA, Records – ABC News

Authorities in Southern California are urging people with missing family members to give DNA samples to try to find them among unidentified human remains.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department Coroner Division is hosting an event Saturday to try to identify the missing by speaking with their relatives and collecting fingerprint and dental records and DNA samples.

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Operation Kidsafe aims to protect Florida children who go missing | Local News – WESH Home

VIERA, Fla. —A new system to protect local children has come to Florida for the first time.

Operation Kidsafe produces a document that includes the child’s fingerprints and a photo ID for free. The program is being made available to children in the Melbourne area.

“It’ll have a lifetime set of their digital fingerprints for their child, a photo, an area to update it with a color photograph, and safety tips on the back,” said Mark Bott, Operation Kidsafe spokesman.

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Fingerprints can be vital in finding a missing child

THE ISSUE: Child identification; OUR OPINION: Event offers opportunity to obtain kits, including fingerprints that can ID a person no matter the age

In America, more than 800,000 children go missing each year, according to the National Child Identification Program begun in 1997.

The NCIP effort endorsed by Congress and state governments involves securing identification information that can prove invaluable in finding children should they be go missing, be abducted or run away.

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Law enforcement and families of missing persons gather in Kenosha | FOX6Now.com

KENOSHA (WITI) — Law enforcement officials and the families of missing persons in Wisconsin gathered Sunday, September 29th in an effort to make sure these cases don’t fade from anyone’s memory.

Stephanie Low’s family members and friends made the four-hour drive from Wausau to Kenosha for Sunday’s gathering.

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