Free Child Safety Identification Wristbands for Schools

Since it’s that time of year for class trips, we’re giving away free child safety identification wristbands to schools while supplies last. Wristbands are disposable, constructed of Tyvek and manufactured by Precision Dynamics/VIP Band. These are ideal for a class trip setting where a single chaperon is responsible for a large group of children.

To request your free wristbands, please do the following:

  1. Go to the Contact tab located on the home page or click here.
  2. Provide your name, facility name and facility address (note, residential addresses will not be accepted.  Must be a school, day care, camp, etc. with U.S. address).
  3. Provide desired quantity (please keep to a reasonable classroom size).

Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a confirmation email indicating your order is being processed and then a second email once shipped. Wristbands will be given away on a first come, first serve basis. Stay safe!

Fingerprints can be vital in finding a missing child

THE ISSUE: Child identification; OUR OPINION: Event offers opportunity to obtain kits, including fingerprints that can ID a person no matter the age

In America, more than 800,000 children go missing each year, according to the National Child Identification Program begun in 1997.

The NCIP effort endorsed by Congress and state governments involves securing identification information that can prove invaluable in finding children should they be go missing, be abducted or run away.

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A Child Is Missing picks up where Amber Alert leaves off –

Dozens of Leawood residents received an urgent phone message on Labor Day.

A teenage girl was missing in their neighborhood. The police department wanted residents to check their “yard, complex and vehicle” and call if they spotted her.

Unlike the well-known Amber Alert system, which is designed to blanket a state with information about an abducted or endangered youth, but which can take hours to activate, the Labor Day calls targeted residents in a concentrated geographic area and came within minutes of when the girl’s family called police.

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