This tracker could save the lives of lost hikers, missing children | Digital Trends

Rather than relying on a smartphone linked over Bluetooth or a community of people utilizing the same tracking device, the Remora tracker is a standalone tracking device that uses cellular data to track your position in real-time on Google Maps. In addition, users can track the speed that a tracker is moving in addition to elevation changes over time using GPS data.

While tracking elevation is ideal for anyone that hikes mountainous areas of the wilderness, the Remora tracker also includes an impact sensor. If a hiker takes a significant fall or a cyclist were to get hit by a car, the impact sensor would trigger a location notification that’s sent to your emergency contacts. Assuming your emergency contact also has access to the real-time tracking data, they would be able to see if you are moving at all on the map.

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CA – Santa Maria teen added to national missing persons system – 

The name of a Santa Maria teen missing now for nearly two weeks has been added to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

Ivan Nunez, 16, was last seen leaving his home on Santa Maria’s northwest side December 26 and has not been seen or heard from since.

His family says they traced the GPS on his phone and it led them to an agricultural field on Main St. toward Guadalupe.

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HI – Family says hiker missing in Wahiawa familiar with trail | KHON2


The Honolulu Police Department has issued a missing person alert for a hiker in Wahiawa.

At first light, the Honolulu Fire Department resumed its search for Justin Clark, as did several family friends who were familiar with the area.

Officials said the 32-year-old began hiking at 5 a.m. Tuesday at the Schofield/Wahiawa trailhead, approximately three miles past California Avenue.

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Mostly, the missing want it that way | |

A 32-year-old mother of two was found dead this month in a wooded area near her home, 13 days after she was reported missing by her boyfriend.

Last month, a passer-by discovered the remains of another missing woman in Chesapeake near the Great Dismal Swamp.

And earlier this year, two other missing-person cases became homicide investigations when a Portsmouth man’s body was pulled from a Suffolk lake and a Norfolk woman’s body was found in Southampton County.

Police in South Hampton Roads stressed last week that the four disappearances are not related and do not represent a trend. Most of the time, missing-person cases have less tragic conclusions.

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OnStar system helps locate missing person – Eastern Arizona Courier: News

SAFFORD — Technology and police assistance helped a Safford man locate his lost mother on Friday.

Police used the OnStar location capabilities on the lost woman’s vehicle to pinpoint her position. OnStar is a multifaceted system offered in General Motor vehicles that provide a variety of services, including roadside assistance, hands free calling, remote services and vehicle location, block and disable.

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Find missing kids with SafetyLink | Robert Siciliano

Find your lost car keys, smartphone and abducted child. Yes, you read that correctly: There’s now a device that can locate your missing child (or wandering elderly grandmother). And the device that can do this is TINY.

Imagine a device that can be used as a keychain and not only locate missing people, but your dog that’s run off. Sanjay Chadha did, and the result is SafetyLink, which uses wireless technology combined with smartphones and cloud sourcing to provide community protection.

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Jena Chisholm, Missing Girl from KY, Found at Cosmopolitan – 8 News NOW

jena chisholm

LAS VEGAS — A 20-year-old Kentucky woman reported missing by her family was found at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas late Friday afternoon.

According to police, Jena Chisholm had been sleeping at the parking garage at the resort. She went willingly to the security office at the resort and told them who she was. Security guards then called her mother, Tina Chisholm.

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