ID kits a ‘tool’ to help in case of missing child | Daily Chronicle

CHARLESTON – Police need “every tool” they can get when a child is missing, and that means more than a photograph.

That’s why identification kits assembled for Carl Sandburg Elementary School first-grade students also included other items and materials.

Detective Marlon Williams of the Charleston Police Department said it is important for the kits to include such things as video recordings of the students. That not only shows what the children look like but also how they act, he explained.

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Fingerprints can be vital in finding a missing child

THE ISSUE: Child identification; OUR OPINION: Event offers opportunity to obtain kits, including fingerprints that can ID a person no matter the age

In America, more than 800,000 children go missing each year, according to the National Child Identification Program begun in 1997.

The NCIP effort endorsed by Congress and state governments involves securing identification information that can prove invaluable in finding children should they be go missing, be abducted or run away.

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